Our Mission

Empower companies to quickly generate NEW insurance product OFFERINGS for the digital economy.

Created with the objective of accelerating all the existing insurance ecosystems through technology.

We strive to free the insurance market from all business processing chains so that insurance companies and brokers boost scalability in sales and have flexibility to generate significant experiences for their clients.


Exponential Multilateral Platform

The Multilateral Platform, also known as the Two-Sided Platform, is a model which assists two different groups of clients who add value when they interact among themselves.

In other words, this model assists two different segments of coexisting and interdependent clients since the participation of one client adds value to the other.

In this Journey we want to connect the insurance companies with the digital ecosystem through a technological platform (API hub) aligned with the innovative measures of the #OpenInsurance and #OpenAPI industry, incorporating all of the companies and layouts in a fast and fluid way with a fully integrated cloud system.

Fitinsur is the first API in the insurance market specialized in commercial lines product. We develop technology to power the digital transformation of the entire insurance ecosystem.



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